Testimonials For Grownups How We Began
  Sophie Mandy's Menagerie is the ORIGINAL tub-thumper!!!!! Tub time is the highlight of the day. We crank up the Mandy's Menagerie CD and the rocking splashfest commences. The whole gang of Mandy's Menagerie is "mission critical" to every evening's scrub down and it is so beloved, let's just say, we have the cleanest kid in NYC.
Denise L.
New York City

  Mandy's Menagerie is so much fun! My 2 1/2 year old daughter already knows all of the characters and loves to try to sing along. Her current favorites are Ned and Nadine – but I know each of the characters will have its own special place with her as she grows and learns the precious lessons they teach. Thank you.
Julia and Aubrey Joy Shelton
Dallas, Texas

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