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  Mandy & Woofer What a joy! The tape and text are just fabulous. I've been listening to the songs over and over again in my car and can now sing along with almost all of them. I feel certain that that is exactly what will happen to all the youngsters who hear these magical melodies.

What is very appealing is the use of children's voices. They add a dramatic touch to the songs and help to move the narrative along.

Embedded within all of them (the songs) is a strong sense of values — love of the Earth, friendship, belonging, freedom, fidelity, and selflessness. The story itself will be very attractive to children.

All in all, I found it to be a truly imaginative and endearing story and one which I am sure will quickly become a 'classic.' The writing is strong and authentic and will appeal on many levels.
Maureen M. Miletta
Associate Professor
Department of Curriculum and Teaching
Hofstra University
Hempstead, New York

  "I want Mandy's Menagerie" is often hollered from the back of our car while I am negotiating peak hour traffic. "No! Not that one, 'Bedtime Story'!". And so it goes on...

Mandy's Menagerie is a delightful collection of sweet songs sung by children that will soothe the ears and remain in the hearts of both kids and parents alike. Combining an exotic locale, a little girl that anyone can relate to and a cast of lovable, quirky creatures - it's a keeper for any child's audio library.

We love Mandy's Menagerie and can't imagine that you won't too...
The Newport-O'Connor Family
Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA
Keenan & Maurice  

  Meeka When my three-year-old likes a CD, she demands to hear it again and again and AGAIN. In the case of Mandy's Menagerie, I'm always happy to oblige. I love every song — the melodies and the message — and before long my daughter and I are both on our feet, dancing and singing and grabbing stuffed animals from her basket to act out the lyrics. The CD gives us ideas for a whole afternoon of imagination play, while my seven-month-old claps along to the sights and sounds! Thank you, Mandy.
S. Rambler
New York City, New York

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